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Townsend Tech Tools LLC., founded in 2017, by Edward “Shake Dua” Townsend, is a Mobile Application Development & Web Services Company.

Townsend Tech Tools (@ToTeTools) provides Smart Mobile Business Owners with affordable tools & solutions.

Headquartered in historic Tuscaloosa, Alabama we often assist local businesses with their goal-driven Mobile Web Presence Optimization efforts.

Clients & Testimonials
Omo Misha with Project Pollen

[The] King of Grass-roots promotion [is] Shake Dua



Omo MishaFounder, Creative DirectorOmo Misha | A Creative InstitutionDetroit, Michigan

As we aim to become leaders when it comes to privacy-focused Mobile Business Communication and Services, our awesome & dedicated #BUSS Dispatchers (Client Care Team) are readily available to assist you on your marketing journey.

Townsend Tech Tools suggests you  #UseTheBUSS & our other GDPR compliant tools & services to help you easily create solutions that work for you.

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We’re a small company founded by a business-minded creative artist, maybe like yourself, so we recognize your needs.

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