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Discover which channels have the greatest impact on acquisition

Acquisition is the process of using multiple tactics to attract and capture the attention of potential visitors/leads and then driving them through a funnel/buyer’s journey on your website. You want to create an acquisition strategy that’s agile and can evolve with new information.

Search Engine Optimization

Every acquisition plan needs a focus on maximizing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. When it comes to getting conclusive search engine referrer metrics, you need to be sure you’re getting ALL the insights to drive your SEO strategy.

Keep an eye on your keyword position rankings, Google, Bing and Yahoo search consoles.
Eliminate “keyword not defined” in your referrers reports to avoid pointless metrics.

Stay on top of your competitors across ALL search engines. You may uncover traffic converting highly from one search engine, or you could be losing traffic and business opportunities to your competitors across others.

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Fun fact: Ranking #1 in Google search gets 33% of total search traffic, 18% for the second position, and then the traffic only degrades from there (source: Search Engine Land). So if you’re not ranked top two for important keywords, you are losing out massively to your competition.

Acquisitions & Analytics

SEO no longer works effectively as a standalone service and now includes elements of content marketing, social media marketing, user experience (UX), PPC, and even information technology (IT)

Discover and take action on the marketing channels that have the biggest ROI for your business with these features:

If you’ve put energy into creating the best website and optimized it for maximum impact, the pay-off should be an influx of visitors coming, engaging with your content and then converting them through the goals you’ve set that meet your business objects. In reality, the results may leave you disappointed if you haven’t invested enough into your marketing efforts to draw that crowd.

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CAVE Analytics has a dedicated Acquisition feature to help with some of the heavy lifting, making it easy for you to formulate targeted acquisition plans.

Traffic from External Sites: Knowing who’s helping you succeed from external websites is a crucial step to being able to focus your attention. Paid sponsorship, guest blog posts or even spending more on advertising on a particular website could result in greater traffic.

Social Networks: See which social media channels are connecting with the audiences you want. Take the guesswork out by using only the ones you need.

Campaigns: Your marketing team may have spent precious time and resources coming up with campaigns that are designed to succeed, but how can you be certain?

How to amplify acquisitions strategies with Campaigns: With Campaigns, you can understand what marketing campaigns are working, what isn’t, and shift your marketing efforts accordingly to gain more visitors, more effectively, with fewer costs.

SEO Control Panel

Use The BUSS Control Panel & turn your website into an SEO powerhouse with a wide range of features, such as:
Search engine indexing status, Estimated organic traffic calculations, Keyword insights, Page Speed Insights, Google Webmaster Tools, Meta Tag Generator, Basic performance overviews, Broken link Checker, On-page SEO improvements, Google, MOZ and Alexa Rank Checker, SEO Diary, Suggested to-do lists & more.

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