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Coach BUSS, Branded URL Shortening Service

Features & Benefits

Use the Revolver Ad Project to:

  • Manage the advertisers that will display advertisements on your web properties (or the web properties that you manage advertising for).
  • Manage the campaigns, banners, and trackers for those advertisers.
  • Manage the website or websites that you will be displaying advertisements on via Revolver Ad Project.
  • Manage the zones for those websites, and generate invocation tags to place into websites to display banners.

Update your channels with content you’ve branded, share your URL & display your ad before the page loads.

Start collecting detailed Ad statistics including impressions, clicks & conversions

Coach BUSS, Branded URL Shortening Service

Manage your Inventory

Advertisers, Campaigns, Banners Websites, Zones, Users

  • Define as many advertisers as you need, create one, two, or many campaigns, and upload or input the banners for each campaign.
  • Define your sites, and set up the zones where the ads should appear.
  • Link each campaign to the zones in which they should be displayed.
  • Get the invocation code (a.k.a. tag) for each zone and paste it into your sites.
Coach BUSS, Branded URL Shortening Service

Review your Statistics

Requests, Impressions Clicks, Conversions

  • Every request from a browser or app is counted. The ad server selects the appropriate banner.
  • When the banner is displayed, an impression is counted. If no ad is available, it counts as a blank impression.
  • If a visitor clicks a banner, this is counted. Sales, Leads, or Sign-ups are counted as Conversions.
  • All statistics are summarized and updated once per hour.

Optimize & Fine-tune your Ad campaigns for better ROAS

  • Serve ads in your links, on websites, in apps, & in video players. Collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks, & conversions.
  • Manage & run campaigns for multiple advertisers, & from ad exchanges & ad networks, all at once, via one easy to use interface.
  • Define rules for delivery of your campaigns & ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting.
  • Track and report your campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, & conversion details, like basket value & number of items purchased.

Build Better Campaigns

Extensive Targeting: Revolver Ad Project offers extensive targeting features that allow you to define rules for ad delivery. They include frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting and more.

Detailed Reporting: Detailed reports are available for ad campaigns. These reports include click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM and more.

AdSense Ad Support: Revolver Ad Project supports the display of AdSense ads.

Secure Cloud Platform

Enjoy Speed and Reliability

  • Multiple data center locations
  • Using advanced techniques like GeoDNS to connect each visitor to the server nearest to their location.
  • Redundancy to ensure that each server has multiple backups that are always online and available.
  • Monitoring 24/7 for the speedy resolution of technical issues.
  • Daily backups of all data.

No complicated contracts

No long-term commitment

Coach BUSS, Branded URL Shortening Service

You can cancel at any time, no questions asked, no cancellation fee

Clients & Testimonials

Coach BUSS, Branded URL Shortening Service

Regional Vice-President

Prior to his Regional Vice-Presidency, Huey C. McCutchen EL III managed Community Realty Properties in the Southern Eastern region of the United States.

Huey C. McCutchen EL IIIRegional Vice-PresidentBorg Investment Bank & Capital TrustArizona