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Standard – Branded Short URLs

Market smarter and increase your ROI, by adding branding to your URLs

Standard – Branded Short URLs

View Click Reports Referrers Tracking Visitors Geo-location

Standard – Branded Short URLs

Expand your Options, Target your Markets and Increase Brand Recognition

The Branded URL Shortening Service boasts an administrative office for integrated management of your business. Manage your URLs, Email, SEO Panel, Tasks and a lot more from one place, on any device!

Standard – Branded Short URLs

Get more done faster!

Use the Branded URL Shortening Service to manage the most important aspects of your workflow.

Great for newbies, Trusted by Professionals! 

With your brand @ the forefront, you’ll turn every customer touch-point into a potential engagement experience & transform every URL into a conversion opportunity.

Standard – Branded Short URLs

Prior to his Regional Vice-Presidency, Huey managed Community Realty Properties in the Southern Eastern region of the United States.

Huey L. McCutchenRegional Vice-PresidentBorg Investment Bank & Capital TrustArizona

Created by Artists & Built for Professionals, each BUSS features an extensive Business-Class Cloud Office Suite.

Access everything from any web-connected device.

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Optimize & Minimize your URLs & Monitor your CTR with Real-Time reporting!

Bid farewell to off-brand URLs & increase your CTR by up to 39%!

Build Campaigns & View URL Stats & Analytics

Save time and money, manage everything from your cloud office suite.

Easily manage your URLs, Files, Advertising, SEO, Analytics, Uptime Monitors, Dashboards, Marketing Campaigns, Composition Tools and more!

Use your Campaign URL Builder to generate accurate parameters and track campaigns in Google Analytics.

  • Black List Domains or IP
  • Bulk Import and Export URLs in (XML) | (CSV) | (RSS)
  • Admin page that lists your 1000 most recent links for quick viewing
  • Don’t Track Admins – Short-circuits function if the user requesting the link is logged in.
  • Redirects any incoming URL paths to a fallback domain, in case there isn’t a match for your short URL
  • Google Safe Browsing – Check new links against Google’s Safe Browsing service
  • Quick Share – Share with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Google+
  • Track URL clicks with Google Analytics Measurement Protocol in Real-Time

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Standard – Branded Short URLs
Standard – Branded Short URLs
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Standard – Branded Short URLs
Standard – Branded Short URLs
Standard – Branded Short URLs
Standard – Branded Short URLs
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